Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy in its essence is very simple. We generate consistently above average, risk-adjusted returns for our clients, stewarding them through the ups and downs of economic and market cycles while always keeping a close eye on protecting their capital. Our investment approach takes both a top-down macroeconomic view and a bottom-up specific security selection approach, using fundamental analysis and good old fashioned number crunching. We believe in statistically necessary diversification, and beyond that to concentrate investments where we have the strongest conviction. Experience has taught us this is the best overall approach to professional investment management.

7 Rules of Successful Long Term Investing

DIVERSIFICATION – Spread your risk across asset classes, sectors and regions
ASSET ALLOCATION – How risk should be best allocated to be minimized.
LONG-TERM FOCUS – Expand your investment horizon for greatest returns.
DON’T PANIC – When markets fall, focus on fundamentals and your investment plan.
DON’T BE GREEDY – Bulls make money, bears make money, and pigs get slaughtered.
DON’T FOLLOW THE HERD – You’ll inevitably be late and overpay.
KEEP IT SIMPLE – You should always be able to explain what you are doing.

Investment Strategies

It’s important to remember that when one is buying stock, one is buying a share of ownership in a company. When we consider potential investments for both our clients and ourselves, we always keep in mind that we are purchasing part of a business. This forces one to look at things from many different angles.  At West Capital National we make our investment decisions after a thorough evaluation of a company and its management and comprehensive fundamental analysis. We favor companies with stable long-term growth and proven track records, with share prices trading lower than our calculations of intrinsic value. Driving our long-term success is our commitment to value-investing, eschewing over-diversification and maintaining our established investment philosophy disciplines.

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