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West Capital National is a fully independent, privately-owned investment management company. We work with clients in more than 35 countries, directing their investment decisions towards achieving their life and financial goals. Because we are privately owned, we are able to advise our clients with complete transparency and objectivity, free from potential conflicts of interest. We are solely focused on wealth and investment management for our clients, and don’t engage in any other business. We do one thing, and we do it well.

Our values are simple and old fashioned: look after our clients, and business will look after itself. We consider each client as a partner because our success is contingent on your success. With this in mind, we take the time to get to know you, and to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve, both in your life and with your investments. Once we have a clear vision of your goals, we work with you to achieve them.

At West Capital National, we cultivate an entrepreneurial culture and encourage every employee to contribute ideas and solutions for our clients. We hire only the best, and encourage a supportive and collaborative environment. Our teams work together to share ideas and generate innovative and profitable investment ideas. We employ the combined benefits of fundamental, technical, qualitative and macroeconomic analysis when screening potential investments. Rigorous in-house research and analysis precedes all recommendations, so you can invest with confidence.

We are committed to meeting our clients’ needs by generating strong, risk-adjusted returns alongside exemplary client-services. Our greatest asset is our reputation and we expect every member of our staff to conduct themselves at all times with honesty and integrity.

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I am a retired broker and West Capital client. It’s funny how often I get asked why I don’t manage my own money. Aside from that fact that I’m retired and for me this is work, I’ve always said it’s impossible to be properly objective about one’s own investments. My account is well looked after, and as an industry vet they have my stamp of approval. Thomas C., Hong Kong

Retired Broker

People are always saying they live in uncertain times, but with the EU and Brexit up in air, it really is a confusing time and taxes are killing me. I’m approaching retirement in a few years and had several accounts and no real plan. About six months ago, I transferred my investments to West Capital and finally I have direction. It took some work but my advisor was patient and spoke in simple terms and we developed a plan that has me on track to retire comfortably. Now that I understand what my objectives are, it’s much easier to make individual decisions as they arise. This is my definition of peace of mind. Andreas J., Denmark

Marketing Management

As an international tax lawyer, I have enough to do staying current in my own profession, never mind in the markets. I leave it to the pros at West Capital. Was referred originally by one of my clients. Michael L., Singapore

Tax Lawyer

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Committed to meeting our clients’ needs by generating strong, risk-adjusted returns alongside exemplary client-service. Our greatest asset is our reputation and we expect every member of our staff to conduct themselves at all times with honesty and integrity.
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