Portfolio Management

The West Capital National investment professionals advise clients on asset allocation and individual security selection and in what proportion, in order to best meet their investment goals. Our team are seasoned and experienced professionals, with proven track records in both managing risk and in structuring individual portfolios to meet client investment objectives. We are a team of investment professionals committed to delivering the highest level of client service and we enjoy both working with each other and working with our clients.

Once an overall investment plan is established, our investment management team recommends appropriate individual securities to your Investment Advisor, who will then present them to you for final approval. We believe that our strong investment returns are a combined result of your advisor’s time spent with you, and the diligence of our investment management team with their dual focus on both growing and protecting your wealth. In this way, we are able to best manage your investable assets.

Offshore Investing

People maintain assets offshore for the same reasons they seek professional investment advice: to increase their wealth and to protect their assets. Investing internationally provides opportunities for better returns through exposure to a greater range of markets, currencies and emerging growth sectors. Our exceptional client service often includes close coordination with outside tax, legal and trust professionals. Whether you are looking for estate planning, tax effectiveness, geopolitical risk management, or simply opportunities for higher returns, we will ensure that all of your needs are met with discretion and confidence.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a process of ensuring one is prepared for life after one’s working life is concluded. We assess your current financial state, figure out what your future financial needs will be and assure that those needs will be met by projecting future cash flow. The approach to retirement planning changes throughout your working life. Early in your career the focus is on saving and accumulation. Midway through your career it may include more specific income targets and asset purchases and fine-tuning steps to achieve these goals. In the later phase of midlife, investments should take a more conservative focus. Once you reach retirement the wealth management process changes from accumulation to the distribution phase.

Special Situations

Periodically special situations occur that can make the difference between a good rate of return and an exceptional rate of return, and even change your life. Early stage investors in Microsoft, Google and Bitcoin changed the course of their entire financial future. In order to profit from special situations, one needs both access to them and the wisdom to select the winners, often quickly.

Through years of experience and an extensive range of contacts in the financial markets, West Capital National is able to steer their clients into profitable IPO’s, pre-IPO’s, early stage and emerging companies and the growing field of cryptocurrencies, where appropriate. Most of the deal-flow that crosses our desk is not worthy of investment, but the special situations that occasionally emerge are well worth the time involved in our thorough due diligence.

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