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Bottom line, we are committed to meeting our clients’ needs by making them money, protecting their capital and giving them the best possible service. West Capital National is an independent wealth management company. We manage investments for a global clientele that includes business owners, professionals and executives, in addition to estates, trusts and private foundations. Our team of investment professionals bring a full complement of experience to the table, to best manage your investable assets and generate the strongest possible risk-adjusted levels of returns.

What Sets Us Apart

Our approach is the perfect complement to clients with manifold financial needs and sizable demands on their time. We appreciate that there is no shortage of choice when deciding on a wealth management team, and we firmly believe that finding the right partner is the foundation of achieving success. Bearing this in mind there are three major areas that set us apart:

  • We operate under both a fiduciary and a suitability standard of care, meaning all advice given to clients must be suitable for that individual client, and at all times put their needs first, ahead of the firm and the advisor.
  • We work exclusively with private clients. We are laser-focused on providing a gold standard of service, which no company can achieve if they try to be all things to all people.
  • We believe we have found the sweet spot between size and ability. Our team is experienced, well connected internationally, and able to access profitable opportunities and deal flow while maintaining agility in the market.

Our Mission

Protecting Your Capital

We monitor global economic and political events, follow international supply and demand statistics, look for evolving and declining trends, closely examine individual securities, and employ hedging and other insuring techniques to ensure your capital has the best possible protection.

Finding Opportunities

An enduring fact is that markets go up and markets go down. Whether stocks, bonds, commodities or real estate, all assets fluctuate in value. We invest in opportunities we consider undervalued, and avoid overvalued assets and market peaks. This common sense approach has helped us consistently outperform markets and hold steady through the inevitable market cycles and periods of volatility.

Focusing On You

Your portfolio will be a reflection of your life – your needs, goals and responsibilities. Whether your priorities are asset growth, wealth preservation, generating income or all of the above, we are committed to ensuring that your needs are met. Your investment advisor, together with the rest of the firm, is committed to giving you the best possible service and advice.

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Committed to meeting our clients’ needs by generating strong, risk-adjusted returns alongside exemplary client-service. Our greatest asset is our reputation and we expect every member of our staff to conduct themselves at all times with honesty and integrity.
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